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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Tulsa, the genetic counseling department is responsible for helping you determine if your cancer was due to an inherited gene mutation and whether you may be at an increased risk of developing a second cancer. Specially trained genetic counselors help our patients learn more about their cancer, determine the inherited family risk and counsel patients to make informed decisions about genetic testing and cancer treatment.

Participating in an introductory session with a genetic counselor does not obligate you to have genetic testing performed. Before genetic testing takes place, you will meet with your genetic counselor to determine if genetic testing is an appropriate option for you. The genetic counselors at our cancer center in Tulsa prepare for the initial appointment by reviewing medical records and pathology reports. During the session, our genetic counselors may work with you to prepare a family tree/pedigree by discussing your family history and identify diseases or conditions that may have been passed down in your family. Our genetic counselors work with our Tulsa patients to evaluate their reasoning for genetic testing and make a decision on whether to have the test.

When the test results are available, your genetic counselor will meet with you to review the report and help you understand it. Genetic counselors help address some of these questions patients have about whether an inherited gene contributed to the development of their cancer. When an inherited risk is identified, genetic counselors at our Tulsa hospital may help patients cope with relevant distress and manage emotional, medical or social side effects of the test results.

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