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The surgical oncology team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Tulsa is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care for breast cancer patients. Surgery is frequently a critical component in fighting malignant breast tumors, and our surgeons devote their years of experience to ensuring cancer patients receive appropriate, individualized care.

The surgeons at CTCA® in Tulsa provide cancer patients with thorough evaluations and perform diagnostic surgical procedures, including needle core biopsies. They also are experienced in the areas of breast ultrasound, infusaport placement, lymph node surgery and laparoscopic breast surgery. Our doctors regularly perform lumpectomy and mastectomy procedures, commonly used in the treatment of breast cancer. Breast conserving surgeries like partial, nipple- and skin-sparing mastectomies are also examples of specialized operations performed by our knowledgeable physicians. Included in the range of services offered to our cancer patients are modern breast reconstruction techniques. Using these methods, our oncoplastic surgeons may be able to reconstruct patients’ breasts to make them look and feel more normal.

CTCA cares for the whole person throughout each patient’s breast surgery experience. Collaborating with a comprehensive team of dedicated clinicians, our breast surgeons dedicate themselves to seeing that patients receive personalized treatment. Breast cancer patients at our Tulsa hospital can take advantage of our supportive care services, which are designed to support healing and reduce potential side effects after breast surgery.

Full-service Patient-Empowered Care® is at the heart of personalized medicine, and it allows our CTCA in Tulsa breast surgeons to help patients reach their individual treatment goals. In following the CTCA Mother Standard® of care, our professional staff is trained to address patients’ needs before, during and after cancer treatment.

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