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Located in the county seat of Tulsa County in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Southwestern Regional Medical Center (Southwestern) offers cancer patients a wide range of supportive care services. These therapies are designed to help patients manage cancer-related side effects and maintain their mental, physical and emotional well-being, so they can focus on healing. The experienced team of acupuncturists at Southwestern uses the ancient Chinese technique to help patients address certain symptoms that may result from cancer or its treatment.

Acupuncturists at Southwestern in Oklahoma apply acupuncture needles at strategic acupoints around the body to encourage better energy flow throughout the patient’s meridians, or energy pathways. It is believed that restoring healthy energy flow through acupuncture can have a positive effect by revitalizing the immune system and triggering natural healing processes and balance in the body.  Some patients find acupuncture helpful because, when administered properly, it is virtually painless and has few side effects.

Acupuncturists at the Tulsa cancer center are trained to work with cancer patients. They use the technique to combat nausea and vomiting that may follow chemotherapy and surgery treatments. Wrist acupressure in particular may relieve these side effects. Acupuncturists at Southwestern can also help patients address insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression, and they work closely with other integrative oncology clinicians to coordinate a well-rounded care plan individualized for each patient.

Acupuncture treatments are optional and are offered throughout a patient’s stay at the Tulsa cancer center. Patients are encouraged to keep an open line of communication with the clinicians on their care team, sharing with them any side effects as they develop or regress, so integrative therapy services like acupuncture may be recommended to address them.

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