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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Atlanta , our mission revolves around treating the whole person in addition to the cancer. At our cancer center in Newnan, Georgia, we combine conventional medical treatments with supportive care services. These therapies may include nutritional support, massage therapy, spiritual support and mind-body medicine to help encourage healing on all levels—body, mind and spirit. One of the supportive therapies our Atlanta hospital offers to help manage stress and promote relaxation is Reiki therapy.

Reiki therapy involves promoting healing in a non-physical way. The Reiki therapists at our Georgia hospital place their hands over a patient to target what are called “trigger points” in the body. Typically, the therapist will hold a hand to the area in need. The patient may feel relaxed, and some patients occasionally fall asleep. Reiki therapy may provide some patients a feeling of peace, security and well-being. It may also in some cases have therapeutic benefits to help manage side effects and promote recovery.

At our Atlanta hospital, we use conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation to attack the disease, while offering evidence-based supportive therapies to target cancer-related side effects. These supportive therapies are designed to help you maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Reiki therapy is a non-invasive option designed to relieve stress and help the body relax, while promoting healing. Our Georgia-based Reiki therapists coordinate with other members of our patients’ care team to create a personalized treatment plan in an effort to meet each patient’s individual needs and help maintain quality of life.

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