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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) offers patients state-of-the-art advances in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. The pulmonology team at CTCA® Atlanta includes oncologists and pulmonologists who work together to tailor lung cancer treatments to your specific needs. Pulmonology techniques and procedures may be used alone or in combination with other cancer treatments to diagnose lung cancer, treat tumors and relieve symptoms that may limit breathing or cause pain.

Our Atlanta hospital uses a broad range of advanced technologies to treat lung cancer. Standard treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Individual treatment plans recommended by pulmonologists at CTCA Atlanta depend on a number of factors, which may include the type of cancer, the size of the tumor, the location of the tumor in the body and past medical history.

The pulmonologists at CTCA Atlanta are dedicated to performing innovative therapeutic interventions for patients with lung conditions. Because there may be a number of options available, treatment plans for lung cancer patients are personalized to each patient’s needs and goals. When appropriate, our pulmonologists may recommend less invasive treatments such as bronchoscopy procedures, because they reduce risks and complications. Based on your individual needs and treatment goals, our pulmonologists will work closely with you to deliver pulmonology treatment plans designed for you and your specific cancer. Sometimes a patient undergoing lung cancer treatment may experience treatment-related side effects. When these occur, the patient’s care team works together to reduce side effects and improve quality of life.

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