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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Atlanta, our doctors use standard-of-care and advanced tools and procedures to diagnose, stage and treat cancer. Pathology is a field of medicine that plays an important role in diagnosing and staging cancer. Pathologists use a variety of tests to identify and categorize cancerous cells. Some patients may need to undergo a biopsy or surgical procedure to remove cells or tissues so that they may be examined under a microscope. When possible, our doctors use minimally invasive biopsy techniques by using a needle or endoscope to remove fluid, cells or tissue. Some patients may have surgery to remove a portion of the tumor or the entire tumor for a pathology review.

Judy Sequeira, MD, joined our Atlanta hospital in 2012 and became Medical Director of Pathology and Laboratory in July 2013. Dr. Sequeira leads the team of pathologists at our Atlanta hospital, using a variety of tests and tissue stains to identify and categorize cancerous cells. These tests help our doctors diagnose cancer and allow them to offer a prognosis and treatment recommendations. Dr. Sequeira works with staff and hospital administrators to ensure that the Pathology and Laboratory Department meets the needs of our patients and doctors. She brings over a decade of experience as a pathologist and department director.

Based on your pathology results and diagnosis, the multi-disciplinary team at our Georgia cancer center work closely with you to recommend treatment options designed for you and your specific needs. The recommended treatments and therapies may depend on many factors, including the type of cancer, size of tumor, location of the tumor in the body and past medical history. Our pathologists work closely with the rest of your care team, all under one roof, to provide you with whole-person care.

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