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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Atlanta offers nutrition therapy to help support patients’ immune function, improve strength, increase energy, preserve lean body mass and rebuild tissue. Located in Newnan, Georgia, our Atlanta hospital provides nutrition therapy to help patients manage side effects and stay well-nourished from the beginning of their treatment through survivorship. Cancer can change the way your body uses food, sometimes requiring a different diet to help you get the nutrients you need. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during and after cancer treatment may help patients improve their appetite, nutrient intake and their quality of life.

At our hospital in Atlanta, a team of registered dietitians is available to help patients determine an appropriate nutrition plan based on their individual needs, cancer types and symptoms. It is common for patients to experience treatment-related side effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, anemia and taste changes. Each of these may impact eating habits and tolerances. At our Georgia hospital, a team of registered dietitians works with patients to combat these symptoms, recommending tailored treatment plans designed to keep patients strong during and after treatment.

Your dietitian will assess your individual needs and work closely with your oncologist and other care team members. This integrated approach to your cancer care is designed to make proper nutrition a priority. When patients are properly nourished, they may be better able to focus on healing. The nutrition therapy team at CTCA® uses a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to care, designed to empower patients and their families with the knowledge and tools to make healthy decisions about their diet and other aspects of their care.

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