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A main component of the robust integrated care that Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) offers is our hospital in Newnan, Georgia. The hospital is staffed with a dedicated mind-body medicine team that works to help cancer patients, their spouses, other family members and caregivers navigate and alleviate the physical, emotional and spiritual side effects that may accompany a cancer diagnosis—before, during and after cancer treatment.

At CTCA® Atlanta, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jay Trambadia and several skilled mind-body therapists are equipped to teach patients a variety of techniques to help combat the side effects of cancer and its treatment. Patients can take advantage of various counseling options to give them comfort, while also helping them manage anxiety, stress or physical discomforts. These clinicians can also help patients mentally prepare for treatment and the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes it may bring.

A mind-body therapist meets with patients at the outset, working to educate them on the options available to them. Those options include cancer support groups and individual, couple and family counseling available throughout any stay at the Georgia-based cancer care center. Patients and their families can also take part in stress management classes designed to help them relax and calm their minds. Our therapists meet with patients to teach them deep-breathing exercises, a technique designed to enhance relaxation and reduce stress.

For patients experiencing physical and mental distress, laughter therapy and guided-imagery techniques are available at our Atlanta hospital. Our mind-body therapists are trained and available to help patients find relief through these evidence-based techniques.

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