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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Atlanta offers advanced treatment options to patients diagnosed with cancers of the digestive system. The physicians in the Gastroenterology Department at our Atlanta hospital may conduct a battery of tests, exams and minor procedures to determine a patient’s diagnosis and stage the cancer. Their input is essential for the surgical oncologists on the patient’s care team.

The digestive system is large, stretching from the mouth to the anus. Gastroenterologists at the Newnan, Georgia-based facility, situated in Atlanta, are trained to diagnose and treat cancers of the digestive tract. They treat patients with cancer of the small or large intestine, esophagus, liver, anus, bile duct or stomach. The gastroenterologist’s work at CTCA® begins with an exploratory process, which may involve a colonoscopy. During a colonoscopy, gastroenterologists insert a lighted tube, with a camera attached at the tip, into the patient’s rectum. This procedure helps gastroenterologists examine the large intestine for colorectal cancer. They may also extract sample cells or tissues for a biopsy. A colonoscopy also helps gastroenterologists gain insight into colorectal cancer symptoms, such as rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits, diarrhea or constipation.

Some colorectal cancer patients have difficulty digesting certain foods, while others may have inhaled food particles into their lungs. In treating such patients, gastroenterologists at the Georgia cancer center may recommend a feeding tube known as a Jejunostomy, or J-tube. Gastroenterologists also create fiducial markers on tumors prior to radiation therapy. The markers help radiologists deliver more targeted radiation therapy directly to the tumor.

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