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Our anesthesiology team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Atlanta understands that oncological care is made more comfortable through the skilled delivery of anesthesiology. Whether a cancer patient is just being diagnosed, with the help of a biopsy, or undergoing major surgery, our anesthesiologists at CTCA® Atlanta have the ability to help keep them more comfortable with anesthesia and pain medication.

Dr. Neil Seeley, Medical Director of Anesthesiology at our Atlanta hospital, provides CTCA patients with personalized care. Like other CTCA anesthesiologists, he is a central part of patients’ care team, conducting tests, reviewing their medical history and evaluating other relevant conditions they may have in addition to cancer. Dr. Seeley’s work as an anesthesiologist at our hospital near Atlanta includes helping control patients’ pain with medications, sedation and long-term pain management techniques. 

Anesthesiologists use various types of anesthesia depending on patients’ specific needs. Patients undergoing major diagnostic, staging or tumor removal procedures are commonly treated with general anesthesia, typically administered through an IV or face mask. General anesthesia renders the patient unconscious and also provides pain relief. CTCA anesthesiologists in the Atlanta region monitor patient temperature, heart rate and other vital signs during the procedure and may modify medication as needed. They also keep a watchful eye over patients in recovery as the anesthesia gradually wears off. 

Regional anesthesia helps relieve pain in a particular part of the body without impacting patients’ consciousness. Peripheral nerve block, epidural and spinal anesthesia are among the types of regional anesthesia used at our Atlanta hospital to provide pain relief. Local anesthesia is often used to numb an area prior to a biopsy or other procedure.

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