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Surgery for sinus cancer

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Surgery for sinus cancer

Surgery may be performed on early- and advanced-stage sinus cancers. Early-stage sinus cancers may be treated with local excisions or minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. More advanced sinus cancers may require open surgeries, such as a full or partial maxillectomy, or removal of the eye. Reconstruction or plastic surgeries may follow procedures that remove a significant amount of tissues in certain areas. 

Surgical procedures to treat sinus cancer may involve:

Excision: Surgeons may remove tumors and some local tissue during an excision. This procedure is typically performed on early-stage cancers.

Endoscopic sinus surgery: This minimally-invasive procedure can be used on early-stage sinus cancer patients. A thin tube, or endoscope, is inserted into an incision in the sinus or nasal cavity to remove tumors.

Maxillectomy: This operation removes all or part (partial maxillectomy) of the hard palate, the front of the roof of the mouth. A special denture can be created to fill the hole formed by this surgery. Your doctor will likely refer you to a prosthodontist, a specialized dentist, who can make a prosthetic tailored to your mouth.

Microvascular reconstruction: Microvascular reconstruction surgery uses tissues from other parts of the body, such as a rib graft or ear cartilage, to rebuild the upper jaw or other areas impacted by tissue removal following a maxillectomy. Surgeons use a microscope to connect blood vessels from the “free flap” in the neck to keep the recently transplanted tissue alive and healthy.

Free flaps: Using “microvascular surgery,” in which small blood vessels are sewn together under a microscope, reconstructing the sinuses may be possible by using tissue and muscle from other areas of the body, such as the intestines, arm, leg or abdomen.