Winning the fight against cancer, one patient at a time.

Why Choose CTCA?

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), we understand that when it comes to cancer, every person and every situation is different. Find out what makes our cancer hospitals unique, and watch as Audrey Allen describes why treating at CTCA was the right choice for her.

The CTCA Difference

Cancer Experts Advanced Technology Integrative Care All-in-one Approach

Cancer Experts

Our team of cancer experts includes physicians who specialize in treating cancer, doctors who treat complications caused by cancer and many other clinicians who support you and your quality of life throughout treatment.

Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art hospitals house some of the most sophisticated tools and technologies available to diagnose and fight cancer.

Integrative Care

Your personalized treatment plan combines advanced cancer treatments with therapies that manage side effects, boost your energy and keep you strong during treatment.

All-in-one Approach

You receive continuous care from a dedicated team of doctors and other clinicians, with most or all of your diagnostic testing and treatments taking place onsite in our hospital.

Who we are and how we're doing

5 Hospitals 11 Minute Wait 95%+ Patient Satisfaction 125 Doctors 1:6 Nurse-to-Patient Ratio 15,500+ Patients treated in a year 3,500+ Employees 4 Hour turnaround

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Patients who recommend our hospitals

100% 50% 0%
  • 91%

    CTCA in Zion, IL

  • 95%

    CTCA in Tulsa, OK

  • 93%

    CTCA in Philadelphia, PA

  • 71%

    Other Hospitals

HCAHPS Patients’ Hospital Experiences, results as of September 9, 2013

We make traveling to CTCA easy

  • Our staff arranges your travel, covering the cost* of your flight or train ticket.
  • A friendly driver greets you at the airport or train station and drives you to your lodging.
  • If you choose to drive, we have plenty of free parking, as well as RV hookups.
  • A complimentary shuttle transports you to and from the hospital, and can take you to restaurants, local stores and attractions. * Travel benefits do not apply to beneficiaries of government payor programs such as Medicare.

Finding Answers


Oncology Information Specialist (OIS) Annabelle Falconetti helps patients and caregivers find the support they need.

Addressing your concerns

  • CTCA works with numerous insurance plans.
  • We’ll gather your medical records for you and send them to your CTCA evaluation team.
  • We’ll contact your insurance provider and start the verification process.
  • A financial counselor is available to discuss payment plans.

Connect With Our Patients

At CTCA, we believe the best way to learn
about what makes our cancer care different
is to hear what our patients have to say.
We can connect you with a patient
who has gone through treatment
at CTCA, so that you can ask
questions and speak
directly with others who
have fought

We Handle the Details

We Handle the Details

Annabelle Falconetti talks about becoming a patient at CTCA and how we plan the details of your visit.

Convenient and stress-free care

  • We coordinate your travel, as well as your lodging, based on your requests.
  • During your stay, we offer low-cost, healthy meals made by a world-class culinary team.
  • We schedule most of your appointments with clinicians and doctors before your arrival.
Robin Wilson
CTCA got my medical records in a very timely fashion. I feel like it saved me from a lot of hassle.

Robin WilsonBreast Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America