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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Patient Education Policy

The primary mission of Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is to advance cancer care for the millions of people affected by this awful disease. While we focus our efforts on providing the highest level of care to patients across the country, we also strive to ensure that patients and their loved ones are armed with accurate and meaningful information about their disease and treatment options so that they can make the most informed decisions about how and where they seek care.

One of the many ways we seek to educate patients nationwide is with our annual Patient Treatment Results report. The report includes data on length of life, quality of life, care experience, and patient safety and quality results. The most recent report provides five-year survival rates for CTCA patients treated between 2000 and 2013 for 11 cancer types, including complex cancers such as pancreatic and small cell lung cancers. For reference purposes, we also provide companion data for the same cancer types as reported by the National Cancer Institute in its Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program. The Patient Treatment Results report reflects an industry-leading standard for transparency, as less than 10 percent of all cancer care providers in the U.S. publish their results.

We also seek to educate patients through detailed advertising about diagnostic tools and treatment options and our integrated approach to the delivery of cancer care. All of the patients featured in our communications have been treated at CTCA and volunteered to share their stories without any compensation. We know their journeys are deeply personal, and we appreciate and respect their decision to share their stories.

To ensure clinical accuracy and to tell our story in an informative and responsible manner, all of our advertising is meticulously reviewed prior to publication.

Whether a patient chooses CTCA or another cancer care provider, we remain committed to helping all patients and their families make informed treatment decisions that meet their individual clinical needs and preferences.