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TrueBeam™ for pancreatic cancer

TrueBeam allows our radiation oncologists to deliver optimal doses of radiation to pancreatic tumors with increased accuracy. The technology's real-time imaging enables us to monitor pancreatic tumor motion during treatment, provide targeted radiation therapy and avoid damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

In addition, TrueBeam administers treatment faster than some other systems, which minimizes the time you spend receiving radiation therapy in a treatment room.

What is TrueBeam™?

TrueBeam® is an advanced image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system used to treat cancer with speed and accuracy while avoiding healthy tissues and organs. TrueBeam was designed for complex cases of cancer of the lung, breast, stomach and brain. It also can be used for cancers of the liver and prostate, along with other cancers treated with radiation therapy.

TrueBeam combines respiratory gating, real-time tracking, imaging and treatment in a streamlined system. With this integration, our doctors can offer advanced treatment options, such as stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), Calypso® beacon tracking, RapidArc® and Gated RapidArc®.

TrueBeam is a versatile technology that can provide you with the treatment suited for your specific cancer and individual needs.

How it works

TrueBeam rotates around your body to deliver radiation therapy from nearly any angle. The system provides real-time imaging, which allows your doctor to direct higher doses of radiation with greater accuracy. At the same time, TrueBeam’s respiratory gating technology gives your doctor the ability to synchronize radiation beams with your breathing. For example, doctors can treat a moving lung tumor as if it were standing still. Respiratory gating also protects nearby organs and healthy tissues from unnecessary radiation.

Speed and precision are the hallmarks of the TrueBeam system:

  • It can deliver treatments up to 75 percent faster than other advanced radiation machines.
  • "Intelligent" automation results in up to a five-fold reduction in the steps needed for imaging, positioning and treating patients.
  • A standard intensity-modulated treatment would typically take 10 minutes. With TrueBeam, it can be done in less than two minutes.
  • Complex radiosurgery typically takes 40 minutes to an hour. It can be completed in 5-20 minutes using TrueBeam.
  • RapidArc® technology in TrueBeam can mean treatment times as short as 1 minute.
  • The system performs accuracy checks every 10 milliseconds throughout an entire treatment.
  • The precision of a TrueBeam system is measured in increments of less than 1 millimeter.
  • More than 100,000 data points are monitored continually during treatment to ensure safety.

TrueBeam can make the experience of receiving radiation therapy more comfortable. Most treatments take just a few minutes a day, which means less time on the treatment couch and reduced motion during treatment.

TrueBeam is quiet during operation. It has communication technology that enables interaction between you and the clinicians operating the equipment. TrueBeam also has two closed-circuit television systems so your treating clinicians can see and hear you at all times.