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EBRT for pancreatic cancer

External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) may be used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and/or a myriad of other treatments to help you fight pancreatic cancer.

Specific advantages of EBRT for pancreatic cancer include the following:

  • EBRT is an outpatient procedure.
  • EBRT may be an alternative treatment to surgery for patients who are unable to undergo surgery.
  • EBRT does not carry the standard risks or complications associated with major surgery for pancreatic cancer, which may include surgical bleeding, post-operative pain or the risk of stroke, heart attack or blood clot.
  • EBRT may be used to decrease the risk of pancreatic recurrence after curative surgery.
  • EBRT is painless.
  • EBRT poses no risk of radioactivity to you or others with whom you have contact. As you undergo EBRT, you may continue normal activities with family and friends.