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Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer


Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer

Chemotherapy, which uses drugs designed to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors, is an important part of treatment for many ovarian cancer patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), whether they have received previous chemotherapy treatments elsewhere or not.

Our gynecologic oncologists treat ovarian cancer with a comprehensive and personalized approach, which may include using various chemotherapy drug combinations. These chemotherapies are often identified with the use of molecular tumor testing.

We also choose methods that are designed to deliver high doses of chemotherapy to tumors, while reducing damage to the rest of your body. For the treatment of ovarian cancer, chemotherapy is typically given:

For many of our patients, we place a port to deliver chemotherapy directly to the veins or tumor site, which reduces discomfort for ongoing chemotherapy treatment.

Ovarian cancer chemotherapies