One-on-one nutritional support from a registered dietitian

Lifestyle behaviors such as a poor diet, inactivity, and carrying extra body weight are modifiable risk factors for many cancers and other chronic diseases. A wellness nutrition consult can help you make healthy changes to your diet and achieve and/or maintain a healthy body weight. A Registered Dietitian will help you with a nutrition plan and provide personalized ongoing support.

We’ve partnered with Nutrimedy — built by Doctors and Dietitians, Nutrimedy is focused on improving access to evidence-based clinical nutrition. By applying Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency and automate existing evidence-based protocols, Nutrimedy provides personalized, ongoing support ranging from general wellness to complex dietary restrictions at the touch of a button.

Benefits of this service:


    Nutrimedy provides virtual access to nutritional support, from the comfort of your couch.

  • One-on-one

    Have an individualized consultation with your registered dietician.

  • Track progress

    Track your progress toward your goals.

  • Text for answers

    Text with a registered dietitian between virtual visits to have your questions answered.

What people are saying:

“My dietitian (Sarah) and this program has changed my life. I now know what, when and how to eat. Every aspect of Nutrimedy is outstanding.”

-J.R. oncology patient