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As part of the whole-patient care philosophy at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago, the survivorship support team is committed to providing customized care following cancer treatment. The survivorship support team at our Illinois hospital, located between Chicago and Milwaukee, works with cancer survivors to help support physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Many patients experience side effects and chronic health issues after completing cancer treatment. These symptoms may include bone health issues, depression, fatigue, cognitive impairment, digestive changes, and/or intimacy issues. The survivorship support team at our hospital in Chicago understands the complexities cancer survivors face.

After cancer treatment is complete, we work with patients to assess their health and identify side effects they may be experiencing. Our survivorship support providers are available to meet with you one on one to help you develop a customized post-treatment care plan. The survivorship support team provides clinical services, counseling, evidence-informed supportive therapies and educational resources to help you manage your quality of life. You can schedule an appointment with a survivorship support practitioner when you visit with your care team for follow-up care.

The survivorship support team is available to answer questions that patients may have about life after treatment. The doctors and clinicians at our hospital in Chicago are available to support you throughout your cancer journey, providing recommendations on how to help maintain your quality of life and make healthy lifestyle choices. Our team approach is designed to put patients at the center of their care, treating the disease while also supporting patients’ overall well-being. 

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