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Surgical oncology is a cancer care field that focuses on using surgery to remove cancer. In addition, surgical oncology is used to diagnose and stage cancer, and to help patients control and reduce certain cancer-related symptoms. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago offers many surgical treatment options for a wide range of cancers, including but not limited to breast,  lung, colorectal and prostate.

Individualized care at CTCA® begins with a full assessment of a patient’s symptoms. The surgical oncologist thoroughly reviews each patient’s medical history and imaging reports and performs extensive examinations. With many surgical treatments available, such as biopsies, resections, reconstructive surgeries and palliative surgeries, it is important for patients to understand their options. The surgical oncologists at our hospital in Chicago consult with, educate and empower patients to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Surgical oncologists are highly trained and educated to perform the complex procedures often involved in treating cancer patients. As with any type of medical procedure, undergoing surgery may involve certain risks, depending on the type of surgery and a number of other factors. That is why it is important to work with surgical oncologists who have in-depth and firsthand experience in treating your type of cancer and in performing a specific surgical procedure.  

Often, questions may arise about possible side effects and the options available for managing them. Depending on the location of the surgery and the type of cancer, side effects may include incontinence, impotence or sexual dysfunction. Our surgical oncologists emphasize the importance of addressing these challenges early in the treatment journey. With years of experience and training, the surgical oncologists at our Chicago hospital, located in Zion, Illinois, work closely with supportive care clinicians to improve quality of life and reduce treatment-related side effects.

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