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For faith-based cancer patients, spiritual support may be a fundamental part of treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago. CTCA® offers a wide range of treatments to care for the whole person. At our Chicago hospital in Zion, Illinois, spiritual support is one of a number of supportive care options our multi-disciplinary clinicians provides. Our Illinois hospital offers spiritual support as a way to encourage patients and caregivers through faith.

Recognizing the spiritual needs of people with cancer, our hospital in Chicago offers a comprehensive spiritual outreach program. Our pastoral care team in Illinois provides a spiritually supportive community, inspirational resources and access to spiritual support staff, for all cultural and religious backgrounds. Our pastors and clergy members provide comfort through the cancer care ministry program. Pastors or clergy members are available to offer support during cancer treatment which may help improve a patient's psychological outlook, emotional health and quality of life. Spirituality may help patients realize that they are not alone, and that turning to faith and the community for support and comfort are viable options.

In times of crisis, like a cancer diagnosis, spirituality may offer an important source of strength and inspiration. For some patients, prayer may help them through the more difficult aspects of treatment, offering comfort and peace of mind. The spiritual support team at our Illinois hospital is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to healing and recovery, for both patients and their families. The spiritual support program at our hospital in Chicago offers weekly worship and communion services and individual or group prayer and counseling, led by a faith representative of your choice. Even when you are away from our hospital, our pastoral care team is just a phone call away, available to offer comfort.

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