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Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells in the body start to grow out of control. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago designs treatment plans to target, remove or destroy these cancerous cells. At our hospital in Chicago, physician assistants are an important part of our multidisciplinary care teams, working with doctors in various departments to diagnose and treat cancer patients.  

The duties of a physician assistant are determined by the supervising physician and state law. Physician assistants at our Chicago hospital  may perform a variety of duties that include examining and treating patients and ordering laboratory tests and X-rays. Physician assistants, working under the direct supervision of a doctor, are able to interpret test results, provide diagnoses and prescribe some medications. Working with surgeons, they may assist in surgery by suturing and providing patient care before, during and after the operation. Physician assistants work closely with patients to see they have the opportunity to ask questions and feel comfortable with their plan and progress.

Aric Blom, PA-C, is one of the physician assistants at our hospital in Chicago. Blom works in the medical oncology department with Dr. Robert Levin and Dr. Evan Pisick. He joined the CTCA team in February 2010. In working under the supervision of these doctors, Blom’s responsibilities include providing immediate care, reviewing and administering chemotherapy treatments, caring for inpatients, ordering and interpreting lab tests, helping with care management, and prescribing medications to treat symptoms and side effects. In addition, he provides compassionate care by taking the time to listen to patients’ questions and concerns, and addressing concerns that they may have regarding their treatment plan.

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