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Mind-body therapists at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago understand the important connection between mental, physical and spiritual health. They strive to provide patients with comprehensive, integrated care. Through a variety of practices, the mind-body medicine team at our Illinois facility focuses on helping cancer patients grow emotionally strong and resilient, so they can better manage the pain or distress caused by cancer and/or related treatments.

Nestled between Chicago and Milwaukee, our Illinois hospital, CTCA® Chicago, is home to an empathetic mind-body medicine team that displays the kind of Midwestern hospitality associated with the region. Headed by Dr. Katherine Puckett, Chief of the Division of Mind Body Medicine at CTCA, the Zion, Illinois-based program is staffed by Reiki therapy providers, licensed psychologists and clinical social workers alike.

Upon a cancer patients’ arrival, mind-body therapists brief them on the numerous counseling options available at the Chicago hospital. Those options include cancer support groups, as well as individual, couple and family therapy. Mind-body medicine therapists at our Illinois hospital are also available to teach cancer patients, their families and caregivers relaxation and stress-management techniques with tools like guided imagery, which is designed to use positive images to counter physical or mental distress. Deep-breathing exercises may also help. These trained therapists may also offer stress-management classes or laughter therapy sessions designed to lower stress, manage blood pressure and reduce pain.

Cancer patients can also take advantage of the animal-assisted therapy program, spending time with our four-legged staffer, Tori, and her trainer, Cindy Ingram. The Australian labradoodle offers an often-welcome distraction for patients experiencing pain or emotional distress. She may be particularly comforting to those who are missing their pets while undergoing treatment away from home.

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