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Syed A. Abutalib, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
62 Ratings
Syed Haider, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
68 Ratings
Istvan Redei, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
92 Ratings
Ashwin Sheelvanth, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
137 Ratings

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago, our hematologic oncology department provides advanced medical treatments for patients with various types and stages of cancers, including multiple myeloma, leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma. The hematologic oncologists at our Illinois cancer center also have extensive training and experience in blood diseases, such as anemia, clotting disorders, hemophilia and sickle cell disease. The hematologic oncologists at our hospital in Zion, Illinois, use the science of medicine to guide patients in finding treatment options tailored to them, while working with supportive care clinicians to support their quality of life.

Istvan Redei, MD, heads the Stem Cell Transplant and Cell Therapy Program at CTCA® Chicago and leads the enterprise-wide development of stem cell and transplant services at CTCA. Our experienced hematologist oncologists in Illinois care for patients who are fighting hematologic malignancies, such as lymphoma and leukemia. As a leader in the hematologic oncology department, Dr. Redei devotes time to individual patients, educating them about their disease and options while empowering them to take an active role in their treatment plan.

Our hematologic oncologists in Illinois work with the rest of your care team, all under one roof, to provide you with whole-person care. Patients at our cancer center in Chicago have access to a wide variety of evidence-informed supportive care services, including nutrition therapy, mind-body medicine, pain management, chiropractic care and physical therapy, to help manage side effects and support quality of life throughout the treatment regimen.

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