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Our genetics team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Chicago embodies the CTCA® whole-patient care philosophy. A geneticist works closely with patients to determine if their cancer was due to an inherited gene mutation. You may be a candidate for genetic testing if you have ovarian cancer or were diagnosed under the age of 50 with breast, colon or uterine cancer. Some families have gene mutations that are passed down. If you have two or more family members with the same type of cancer or a family member with a known gene mutation, you may consider genetic testing.

Cancer is the result of uncontrolled, abnormal cell growth triggered by mutations in the genes of a cell. Most cancers are caused by gene changes that start in a single cell but grow and spread. Sometimes cancer runs in families. This is called an inherited gene mutation. But most often, cancers are not clearly linked to the genes we inherit. Genetic testing looks for gene mutations that may put a person at risk of developing a disease. Geneticists at our hospital in Chicago may recommend genetic testing for patients who have a family history that suggests cancer may be inherited.

Part of the multidisciplinary care team at our Illinois cancer center, geneticists take the time to talk with each patient in detail about his or her test results, diagnosis and answer any questions. The CTCA Chicago care team includes doctors and clinicians working together to attack the cancer while providing evidence-based supportive therapies to help reduce side effects from cancer treatment. Our nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists, naturopathic clinicians and other care team members work together with your medical oncologist to manage side effects and improve quality of life.

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