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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Chicago, is a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence™ and achieved this certification level for the fifth consecutive time in 2017. CTCA® Chicago is the only center in Illinois, and one of only 44 centers nationally, to be recognized as a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence™ by the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program™ (NQMBC®).

The team of breast surgeons in Zion, Illinois, includes Dr. Miral Amin and Dr. Stephen Ray. Under their direction, the Breast Cancer Program at our hospital in Chicago offers clinical therapies that include comprehensive diagnostics and staging to identify relevant breast cancer biology and cell mutations. Among the options available are genomic tests that may lead to targeted treatment options.

Our breast surgeons commonly perform lumpectomy and mastectomy procedures to remove malignant tumors. Whenever possible, our surgical team performs breast-sparing surgery, such as partial, nipple- or skin-sparing mastectomies. During breast surgery, our pathologists can evaluate tissue samples as they are removed and provide pathology results immediately, so surgeons can remove as much cancerous tissue as possible, avoiding the need for multiple surgeries in many cases.

Our expert surgeons also have experience performing innovative breast reconstruction techniques. Doctors at CTCA in Suburban Chicago regularly perform oncoplastic and reconstructive surgeries to remove a breast tumor, and then in the same surgical procedure, carefully reshape the breast, decrease scarring and maintain as much of the breast tissue as possible. Our specialists also perform autologous fat-grafting and reconstructive microsurgery to rebuild the breast so it looks and feels more normal.

Breast cancer patients undergoing treatment at our Illinois facility have access to a comprehensive list of medical services in support of their breast surgery. Guiding principles at CTCA include the Mother Standard® of Care and integrative therapies designed to treat the whole person.

Most types and stages of breast cancer are treated by our breast surgeons. With a deep commitment to caring for cancer patients, the doctors at our Chicago hospital provide wide-ranging surgical treatments to help patients fight breast cancer.

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