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Our concierge service serves as an information station for the hospital. Our concierge will welcome you and offer assistance in directing you to the right location.

As a new patient, our concierge will escort you to the hospital’s New Patient Clinic and assist our transportation coordinator to ensure you get into the right vehicle for the right destination.

Our concierge can manage on-site storage of your luggage and coat. When you’re ready to leave our hospital, he or she can also check your travel info to ensure the correct time for pick-up, destination and flight.

Additionally, our concierge can provide information on various patient activities and help you sign up for outside events, shopping and guided outings offered by our Guest Services Department. Space is limited for these events, so make sure to sign up and reserve your spot.

He or she can also provide information on car rentals, as well as local, Milwaukee and Chicago destinations and how to best get there. Seasonal passes for the Zion Park District’s pool, golf course and gym may also be available, in addition to information on bicycle rental through a local bicycle shop.

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