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Argon plasma coagulation for lung cancer

Argon plasma coagulation for lung cancer

Our doctors may use APC to cauterize blood vessels that are bleeding and causing a patient to cough up blood. They “paint” the area with the plasma to stop any bleeding. APC is safe to use on thin tissues, such as those that line the lungs and airway.

What is argon plasma coagulation?

Argon is a gas that behaves like a liquid, and may be used to treat tumors and control bleeding in the airways.

With argon plasma coagulation (APC), the argon gas is passed through the bronchoscope. At the same time, an electrical current is applied, converting the gas into a liquid plasma. The plasma applies itself to tumors, bending to conform to the precise shape. This kills cancerous cells without touching the tumor, which is important for tumors that are bleeding.