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Integrative Care Program

As part of our integrative approach at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we offer patients evidence-informed supportive care therapies designed to help combat cancer-related side effects and maintain their quality of life. The members of our multidisciplinary integrative care team work directly with patients’ doctors, nurses and other care team members to help improve their well-being, so they are better able to tolerate treatment.

Our integrative care approach includes:

Image enhancement: Cancer treatments often leave an impact on patients’ self-image. The licensed cosmetologists at the Lilly Bella Salon provide various services to help patients take control of their self-image. These include wig selection and styling, skin care products for sensitive skin during treatment, and a wide range of standard salon offerings, all provided in a safe and relaxing environment.

Intimate connections (sexual health and wellness): Cancer and its treatment can take a toll on the sexual health of patients and their partners. Our Intimate Connections program provides a safe place for patients and their partners to learn about sexual health topics specific to their cancer type and treatment plan. The team also explores existing concerns related to sexual function and relationships, offering recommendations to address these challenges.

Behavioral Health: Our licensed behavioral health therapists work closely with patients and caregivers to provide counseling and support to help improve their overall mental health throughout their treatment journey.

Naturopathic support: Our naturopathic support team provides education to assist with managing side effects of treatment, including pain, fatigue, neuropathy and insomnia.

Nutritional services: Our registered and licensed dietitians work with patients to develop nutritional programs tailored to their specific treatment needs and general health, including assisting with other medical conditions. Our dietitians may recommend specific foods and supplements to help patients maintain their weight and muscle mass, as well as manage the side effects of treatment.

Pain management: Our board-certified pain management physicians and support teams assist our patients in reducing pain and improving their quality of life. The team focuses on both prescription and non-drug interventions.

Quality of Life clinic and Partners in Care program: For patients with other health challenges that existed prior to their cancer diagnosis, our Quality of Life clinic provides focused nursing and medical care for patients’ non-oncology needs, to help them stay as healthy as possible during and after treatment. In addition, our Partners in Care team, staffed by palliative care physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains, provide support for challenges that may be related to treatment. Services may include multiple symptom management; emotional, spiritual, and psycho-social support; patient and caregiver support; financial and community resources; resources for parenting through cancer; as well as a focus on comfort and quality of life.

Rehabilitation services: Whether patients are dealing with loss of mobility, fatigue or functional challenges associated with treatment, our licensed occupational, physical and speech therapists work with patients to assist in maintaining their physical abilities both during and after treatment. Certified lymphedema therapists are also available to partner with patients in managing lymphedema and its side effects.

Spiritual support: Our ordained chaplains are available to patients for their spiritual needs, fostering an environment that offers strength, motivation and inspiration to help with healing. Our spiritual support team also connects with spiritual leaders of various faiths and, if requested, provides resources for advanced directives, helping to define terms and answer questions.

Survivorship support: Cancer patients’ health-related needs don’t stop when treatment ends. From providing continuing education to reducing, preventing or managing the side effects of cancer treatment, our survivorship support team helps enhance patients’ quality of life through lifestyle recommendations, age-appropriate health screening information and other programs designed to help them stay healthy, well after treatment ends.

Sleep support: Getting appropriate sleep and rest is vital to a patient’s recovery. If patients are experiencing daytime sleepiness or low energy, a sleep study may be performed to evaluate for sleep apnea and, if appropriate, help treat it.

Social work: Our licensed social workers work closely with patients and caregivers to provide services and programs through the various phases of the cancer experience, including navigating through health care systems to help achieve quality care; mobilizing and locating new or existing family, system, and community resources to provide social and emotional support; and advocating with, or on behalf of, survivors, families, and caregivers to address their needs.

Meet our Integrative Care Program team

Katherine Anderson - Chief, CTCA Division of Naturopathic Medicine

Katherine Anderson

Naturopathic Support Provider

Matt Rinehart - Clinical Oncology Dietitian Team Lead

Matt Rinehart

Nutrition and Pastoral Care Manager


Andrea Shotton

Clinical Oncology Dietitian

Jessica Smith - Clinical Oncology Dietitian

Jessica Smith

Advanced Dietitian

Jasmyn Walker - Clinical Oncology Dietitian

Jasmyn Walker

Clinical Oncology Dietitian

David Wakefield - Psychologist

David Wakefield

Psychologist, CTCA Tulsa

Larry McKenzie - Pain Management Physician

Larry McKenzie

Vice Chief of Staff, CTCA Tulsa

Stephanie Moore - Advanced Practice Provider, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Stephanie R. Moore

Clinical Nurse Specialist, CTCA Tulsa

Richard Cogan - Chaplain

Richard Cogan


Lacy Richards - Mind-Body Therapist

Lacy Richards

Behavioral Health Therapist


Teresa Burnett

Behavioral Health Therapist

Pamela Veale - Physical Therapist

Pamela Veale

Physical Therapist

Barry Calvert - Occupational Therapist

Barry Calvert

Occupational Therapist

Tammy Cook - Speech Language Pathologist

Tammy Cook

Speech Language Pathologist

Terri Linehan

Terri Linehan

Speech Therapist

Shannon Allison - Physical Therapist

Shannon Allison

Physical Therapist

Patti Hendrickson

Physical Therapist


Traci A. Owen

Registered Nurse - Sexual Wellness

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