Our commitment to transparency

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has always been committed to empowering our patients by ensuring they have the information they need to make informed health care decisions and is proud to share a full list of our health care charges.

At CTCA®, we know that cancer patients are as unique as the cancer they are fighting. That means the care our patients receive from their physician-led care teams is tailored to their respective needs. As a result, billed charges will vary in accordance with a patient’s approved care plan, and any actual patient responsibility for payment depends on several factors including insurance benefits and network, medical and financial need.

Key considerations as you explore CTCA’s charges include the following:

  • The information provided is for hospital-based services only and does not include charges for physician services.
  • We charge the same amounts for services for all hospital patients, as detailed in each hospital’s charge list. However, each patient’s actual financial responsibility is determined by several factors listed above, including the patient’s health insurance plan.
  • Patients receive care according to their individualized care plan, which is determined between each patient and his or her physician-led care team. Our team of financial counselors provides assistance to patients to help them understand their financial responsibility for treatment.

As always, we remain focused on delivering high-quality oncology services with the same Mother Standard® of care our patients have come to expect, and continually seek more efficient and cost-effective ways to do so in today’s increasingly challenging health care environment.