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The skilled nurses at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) foster an atmosphere that embodies the Mother Standard® of care—the patient-focused principle upon which CTCA® was founded. Our nurses create an environment that supports teamwork, work-life balance, employee engagement and professional development, which reflect our hospital’s commitment to providing quality, patient-centered care.

Embarking on our Journey to Magnet Excellence® 

The Magnet Recognition Program® is considered the gold standard of nursing excellence, recognizing health care organizations that provide high-quality patient care and professionalism in the nursing practice. Of the more than 5,000 hospitals in the United States, fewer than 7 percent are Magnet-designated. In 2017, CTCA in Philadelphia formally began the extensive process to become one of them.

Hospital Achievement Awards of Pennsylvania

Each year, the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) recognizes hospitals and health systems for their innovation and commitment to patient care with its annual Achievement Awards. Recently, two of our inpatient nursing teams were recognized for their contributions to patient safety, earning HAP’s Optimal Operations Award and In Safe Hands Award.

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DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses

The DAISY Award Foundation was established by a patient’s family who wanted to find a way to thank nurses and honor the work they do for patients and families every day. DAISY partners with health care organizations to recognize nurses’ clinical skills and compassion.

Recent DAISY Award recipients at CTCA Philadelphia include:

  • Maureen Lydon, BSN, RN, OCN, HN-BC: “A patient [who had complex personal issues] made many frantic calls and visits here to address both acute and routine symptoms. In order to ease this patient’s fears of symptoms and treatment, Maureen made it her mission to establish a therapeutic relationship with this patient. She reviewed treatments, provided nursing recommendations for stress management, addressed symptoms, frustrations, and proactively followed up with this patient during non-working hours to reduce distress and lend a listening ear.“ – from DAISY Award nomination letter
  • Cathy Oplinger, BSN, RN, OCN: “Our hospitalist called a pharmacist in an attempt to get a bone marrow donor's prescription filled but was unsuccessful. I met with two of our oncologists to make them aware of the dilemma. Cathy overheard the conversation and said, ‘I’ll take the prescription to the pharmacy.’ The donor lived in the opposite direction of her, and her response was, 'So what? It’s not a big deal.' After working her 10-hour shift, Cathy took the prescription to the donor’s pharmacy and contacted me to let me know the prescription was filled.” – from DAISY Award nomination letter

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Professional development

Nursing Leadership at CTCA Philadelphia is committed to the professional development of nurses at all levels in the organization. CTCA Philadelphia has several programs focused on the continuing education of our nurses, such as professional certification support programs, online learning platforms, evidence-based practice resources and tuition reimbursement benefits. Professional development is key to achieving and sustaining a culture of nursing excellence, which is essential to delivering quality patient care.

Nursing innovation

Nurses at CTCA Philadelphia are dedicated to the advancement of nursing research and evidence-based practices. Nursing research studies approved by the Institutional Review Board are conducted at CTCA Philadelphia in order to expand knowledge and nursing practices related to the care of cancer patients. These studies are intended to gain new knowledge to improve patient outcomes and the work environment for nurses.

Caring for the community

Our nurses not only prioritize quality cancer care for patients at CTCA Philadelphia, but they also support and volunteer in the local community. Nurses at CTCA Philadelphia regularly provide comprehensive health education and screenings in the community with a mission to improve overall health and wellness.

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