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Genitourinary Cancer Program

The Genitourinary Cancer Program at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Philadelphia, uses evidence-based treatments and a wide range of sophisticated technologies to treat early-stage and advanced-stage genitourinary (GU) cancers. These diseases include:

Our multidisciplinary team of urologists and urologic oncologists work with a staff of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, along with our gastroenterologists and interventional radiologists, and supportive care providers to deliver quality clinical care with a patient-centered approach.

Meet our Genitourinary Cancer Program team

The doctors and other clinicians on the Genitourinary Cancer Program team at CTCA Philadelphia are committed to offering comprehensive treatments for patients diagnosed with cancers of the urinary tract and male reproductive system. The Genitourinary Cancer Program team at CTCA Philadelphia is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to care. After you receive a diagnosis, you will work together with a team of experts assembled based on your individual needs and goals, to develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

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Curt Heese - Radiation Oncologist

Curt J. Heese

Radiation Oncologist, CTCA Philadelphia

Pamela Crilley - Chair, CTCA Department of Medical Oncology

Pamela Crilley

Chair, CTCA Department of Medical Oncology

David L. Topolsky - Hematologist-Oncologist & Medical Oncologist

David L. Topolsky

Hematologist & Medical Oncologist, CTCA Philadelphia


Francis J. Schanne

Director of Urology, CTCA Philadelphia


Alexander E. Trebelev

Chief of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Imran Shariff - Supportive Care Physician

Imran Shariff

Supportive Care Physician, CTCA Philadelphia

Ankur Parikh - CTCA Medical Director of Precision Medicine

Ankur Parikh

CTCA Precision Medicine Program Director

Heather Sandler

Physical Therapist

Sexual wellness

 More than half of those living with GU cancer will experience some form of sexual dysfunction, changes in their sexual desire or other concerns about intimacy. Patients with any type of cancer may experience sexual dysfunction, but those with genitourinary cancers are especially at risk for symptoms and side effects that affect sexual health. The CTCA Philadelphia Genitourinary Cancer Program team includes experts trained in helping patients address physical and psychological challenges that may cause sexual dysfunction. These challenges include:

These side effects of cancer treatment may often involve difficult decisions and conversations. Your care team at CTCA will work together and with you to develop a plan intended to help prevent or manage sexual side effects, so you can maintain healthier relationships and improve your quality of life.

Pelvic floor physical therapy

Genitourinary cancers and treatments may weaken or damage the pelvic floor. This group of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis help to support and control the bladder, bowel and sexual function. Among the side effects of pelvic floor dysfunction are:

At CTCA Philadelphia, our physical therapists are trained in the evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Physical therapy programs designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles may help relieve the side effects of cancer treatment and help to improve your quality of life.

Learn more about pelvic floor therapy.

Clinical trials

Cancer clinical trials are a key testing ground for determining the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and other treatments for many types of cancer.

The oncologists and other physicians working with patients at the Genitourinary Cancer Program at CTCA Philadelphia are committed to providing innovative treatments for their patients whenever possible. This includes enrolling qualified patients in carefully selected clinical trials. Although clinical trials are not available to all patients, they may offer some patients options that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

As part of that commitment, our oncologists may recommend that cancer patients who meet specific criteria enroll in one of our ongoing cancer clinical trials. Your care team will work with you to determine whether you qualify for any of these studies or those offered at a national level, and if so, help you enroll.

Learn more about clinical trials at CTCA

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