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Sexuality and intimacy

Breast cancer and its treatment may have profound effects on your feelings about sex and intimacy. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy have the potential to change your libido and self-image. Understanding these changes and learning how to deal with them may help preserve, and in some cases, strengthen your relationship. 

Mind-body therapy offers a variety of counseling and other programs to help you maintain your quality of life and lessen the impact that may stem from body-image issues.

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Sexuality and intimacy

Sexuality and intimacy issues with breast cancer

You may not feel like having sex or being intimate when you’re going through an uncertain time like breast cancer treatment. The supportive care clinicians at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) understand how breast cancer and its treatment may affect sexual relationships and intimacy, both for you and your partner. Hands-on therapies like massage may help soften scar tissue and boost your self- image. Speaking with a mind-body therapist may also help you find new ways to connect emotionally and physically to improve intimate relationships.

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Last Revised: 06/22/2017