Linde Wilson

About Linde

Chief Strategy Officer

Linde Finsrud Wilson is the Enterprise Chief Strategy Officer at CTCA. Working closely with the CEO and site presidents,she leads a team in developing strategy, growth plans, partnerships, transactions and overall operational excellence to expand the impact of CTCA in serving patients throughout the US. Wilson has over 30 years experience in healthcare and consulting. She has been a seasoned advisor to many companies, as well as private equity in identifying and in strategy development and helping to grow targeted investments. She is a known innovator and has a particular talent for advising large corporate clients in their entry into healthcare.

Prior to joining CTCA, Wilson served as a health system CEO, COO and CAO, as well as the head of the healthcare deals practice at PwC and an executive leader at GE Healthcare. She participated on many national committees to define and redefine the healthcare landscape in the United States. She is also a much requested speaker and has written extensively on healthcare strategy, growth and investment and has lectured as adjunct faculty and was an instructor for The Estes Park Institute.

Wilson was awarded Healthcare Innovator of the year by the Health Forum, Healthcare Leadership Award by the American Hospital Association, Commendation for Economic Development award and the GE Sigma award.

During her 30 years of experience, she has worked globally with several multi-national corporations, large corporations entering the healthcare space, offshore companies looking to invest in the US and US companies expanding services overseas.

Wilson holds a bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina magna cum laude and an MBA from the University of Colorado with honors.