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Lab tests for gallbladder cancer

Lab tests for gallbladder cancer

Your doctor may test your blood to determine the level of bilirubin, a chemical that makes bile yellow. High levels of bilirubin can indicate a problem with either the gallbladder or the liver. Other markers of abnormal liver and/or gallbladder function that can be detected by a blood test are albumin, alkaline phosphatase, AST, ALT and GGT.

In addition, your doctors may check the levels of certain proteins known as tumor markers. These proteins are often elevated in patients with certain types of cancers, although they are not specific for a particular kind of cancer, and levels can sometimes be higher than normal because of certain non-cancerous conditions. CEA and CA 19-9 are two tumor markers that may be associated with gallbladder cancer.

What is a lab test?

To diagnose gallbladder cancer, your doctor may recommend various lab tests. Your doctor will take a blood sample, and then it to a pathologist for further testing.