Medical Excellence

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we provide comprehensive, personalized cancer care in a welcoming environment, so you and your family can focus on getting well.

We use today’s advances in science and medical technology to treat cancer. At the same time, we support you with nutrition and other therapies, because we know that managing the side effects of cancer treatment is half the battle. At CTCA®, you will receive comprehensive care from a dedicated team, including oncologists, surgeons, supportive care clinicians and a committed pastoral care team. The services we offer, from diagnostics to treatments, are available onsite at our hospital

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Treatment Results and Outcomes

When you are exploring cancer treatment options, you may want to know about issues like life expectancy and quality of life. To help you and your family have a better understanding about the care we offer, we publish our patient survival rates along with study results measuring quality of life, patient loyalty and speed of care.

You have a right to know these results and outcomes, and we provide them as part of a broader effort to help you and your family make informed decisions about your care.

Medical treatments

We are committed to delivering a wide array of treatment options, including high-tech diagnostic tools, targeted therapies, minimally invasive surgical techniques and treatments identified through the tools of precision medicine. We also provide supportive care services such as pain management and nutrition therapy to help you manage side effects.

Diagnostic imaging

We use sophisticated diagnostic imaging technology and tools to evaluate our patients. This helps us formulate treatment recommendations designed to meet your individual needs.

This technology helps us to improve our treatment planning for you.

Advanced genomic testing

Every cancer, like every patient, is different. Genomic tumor assessments help identify the DNA alterations that are driving the growth of a particular tumor. As we understand more about these gene mutations, we are better able to provide cancer treatments that specifically target changes in the tumor's genomic profile. Information about genomic changes that are unique to your individual cancer may help us determine treatments that may be appropriate for you. This is the promise of precision cancer treatment—a focus on the individual tumor in the individual patient.

Since genomic testing may not be appropriate for every patient, your oncologist will help determine if you are a candidate for genomic assessment.


Our experienced surgeons have performed thousands of procedures and will discuss the surgical options designed to meet your needs and treatment goals. We offer robotic surgery procedures as well as other minimally invasive options, such as laparoscopic surgery.


We use a wide range of chemotherapy treatments and innovative delivery methods. We may use advanced analyses, such as advanced genomic testing, to identify drug combinations or targeted therapies that may not have been considered otherwise. Clinicians from disciplines like nutrition therapy and oncology rehabilitation help you plan for and manage the various side effects that may come with cancer and its treatment.

The infusion centers at each of our hospitals were built with input from our patients, with comfort and privacy in mind. Various amenities such as snacks, drinks or books to help you pass the time are also available.

Radiation therapy

We offer sophisticated radiation technologies, such as intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) , which delivers a single, powerful dose of radiation directly to a tumor site during surgery.

For some patients, highly targeted radiation therapies may offer a less invasive treatment alternative to more invasive surgical procedures. Your oncologist will discuss whether this approach is an option for you.