Larry & Patty Marshalls’ Story

Prostate cancer/Breast cancer

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Patty's Story

In October 2006, I went to the doctor because I had torn a pectoral muscle and a lump had formed. That lump turned out to be benign, but after they removed it the doctor found another pea-sized lump underneath. It was breast cancer.

I was devastated by the news. I never imagined I would have cancer. It doesn’t run in my family and I’d simply never thought about it. But I soon learned I was on a journey, and I had to finish it.

The doctor who had discovered the cancer wanted me to go to a local physician for radiation and chemotherapy. At that point I was only in stage two. So I went, but I didn’t like the way I was treated by the doctors there.

We went home to our ranch and started praying about what I should do. Then one day a commercial came on the television for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and when we saw the woman with her hands outstretched toward heaven we felt it was a sign from God. I called the number and spoke to a real person immediately, and soon thereafter they had me scheduled for an appointment at the hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


As soon as we walked in the door at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, we felt like we were home. The people there opened their arms to us, and it was amazing. We knew God had sent us there.

I met with Dr. Jaggernauth, my medical oncologist, and right away I was at ease because he is a man of faith and had a very positive attitude. I was struggling spiritually at that time to understand why God had allowed me to get sick, and he helped me understand that my cancer was not a form of punishment; cancer was just part of my journey.

One thing I love about Cancer Treatment Centers of America is that they had a plan. My care team always had an attitude of "You can do this. This is manageable. Here is the plan." They were willing to fight for me and never give up, and that helps me stay strong. My doctors have a plan, and I believe God has a plan too.

The people at Cancer Treatment Centers of America have given me hope and strengthened my faith.


After my first round of chemo, I did not feel well. I told Dr. Jaggernauth that I didn’t want to do another round because of the side effects, and he switched me to a different type of chemotherapy. This time I handled it much better. My care team has always been concerned with my quality of life just as much as saving my life. They don’t want me to be in pain, because the body can’t heal properly when it is in pain.

The treatment worked, my cancer went into remission at that time and I continued doing the things I love. I stayed very involved in my church, spent a lot of time gardening and enjoyed playing with my grandkids. I learned to treasure every day.

Then in 2010, I found out that my cancer had spread. This time it was on my bones and in several organs throughout my body. Dr. Jaggernauth knew I needed a different approach, and after praying about it he felt God was leading him to try an aggressive combination of chemotherapy. Because I knew that he was listening to God as well as using his medical expertise, I had a lot of confidence in his decision. And about seven months later, my scans were clear! When Dr. Jaggernauth and all the nurses came into the room to show me the scans, everyone had tears in their eyes and rejoiced with Larry and me.

My husband and I went home and celebrated with our church. My sister called us up on stage as we showed everyone the before and after scans, and then she sang a beautiful song of praise to God as we danced with joy. It was a beautiful moment.

In 2013, my cancer returned and I began chemotherapy treatments again. I’m making progress, and I have hope that one day I’ll be cancer free again!

We tell people all the time that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the place to go if you have cancer. Taking care of cancer is what they do, so if you have it that’s where you need to be.


I have been Patty’s caregiver since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, and it has been my pleasure to serve this woman who has taken care of me all of our lives. Being able to give back to her has been a blessing.

When Patty’s cancer came back, we were pretty devastated. It was hard to hear, but we knew God would take care of us. And then not long after, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a double blow, but I already knew what to do.

The doctor who diagnosed me at the local hospital wanted to set me up for surgery there, but I told him I didn’t need him. I was going to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I trusted Dr. Jaggernauth, and I wanted him to handle my treatment.

So I went to Tulsa, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America set up appointments for me to meet with a couple different doctors to learn about my treatment options. I saw a surgeon at a different clinic and I spoke to a radiation oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Dr. Payne. Dr. Payne did an excellent job of explaining my options to me, complete with hand-drawn diagrams to help me understand, and he told me about a new treatment called SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy).

I went home while Patty and I prayed about our options and talked it over. I spent some quiet time with the Lord, reading my Bible and just letting my thoughts settle down so I could hear God. I strongly felt Him leading me to choose the SBRT with Dr. Payne at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.


My SBRT treatment took only 5 doses of radiation over 10 days, and then I was done. The doctors told me what side effects I might experience, but I didn’t have any real negative effects. I was a little extra tired, but that was it. The treatment worked wonderfully, and I have been fine ever since. I was back to work in no time, and now I just go in every six months for a checkup.

I’m thankful I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, because the treatment there is cutting edge. And my doctors, Dr. Jaggernauth and Dr. Payne, are both men of faith who have prayed with me and made me feel so comfortable.


Our family, our friends at church and our second family at Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been such a huge support and comfort for me and Patty. And through it all we never lost our faith in God and His love for us. He has shown us over and over again that He is capable of so much more than we could imagine.

We tell people all the time that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the place to go if you have cancer. Taking care of cancer is what they do, so if you have it that’s where you need to be. From the moment we walked in the door, we felt the overwhelming love and sense of peace that is there. The people who work there are amazing, they have faith in God and they treat you like family. Patty and I can’t wait to be able to go back and volunteer as part of the Cancer Fighters program. They gave us hope, and we want to share that with others.

My cancer is in remission, and I feel great. Patty’s cancer did come back again in 2013, but she is responding well to chemotherapy. This has been a long journey and it isn’t over, but we know God has great things in store for us.

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