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Spiritual Support

spiritual support

"Whether you’re looking for comfort, spiritual guidance or just someone to talk to, we are here for you. Our desire is to give you hope."

-Rev. Percy McCray, Director of Faith-Based Programs, CTCA

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For patients who have a deep connection to faith and spirituality, spiritual support may be a fundamental part of treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA).

Getting in touch with your spirituality may help you better cope with the psychological and emotional effects of cancer. The spiritual support team strives to provide patient-centered services for our patients and their family members, no matter their faith background. If you are considering including spiritual support as part of your care plan, a member of our pastoral care team will meet with you within the first 48 hours of your first visit to the hospital.

Spiritual support services

If you choose to integrate spiritual care into your cancer journey, we offer a variety of services:
  • Individual and group prayer
  • Counseling with a minister or other faith representative
  • Weekly worship and communion services and Bible studies at participating hospital locations
  • Communication between our pastoral care team and a family’s spiritual advisors at home, upon request
  • Individual and group opportunities for spiritual support
  • Telephone consultations
  • Support in arranging advanced care planning and making care decisions, including assistance in scheduling ceremonies, sacraments and spiritually significant observances

Chaplains are also available for prayer before surgery and to meet with caregivers and family members at any time. In addition, other clinicians, including physicians and nurses, often pray with patients as part of the care they provide.

After you have completed your treatment, our spiritual support services are available to you any time you choose, even after you have returned home.

The pastoral care team at CTCA in Philadelphia

The Pastoral Care Team at CTCA® in Philadelphia is led by Rev. Wendell Scanterbury, Director of Pastoral Care, and provides multi-faith access to support for you and your family, including your children, during and following treatment. We provide counseling, sacraments, worship service and group support programs to offer you access to a listening ear, personal and family encouragement, prayer, resources and spiritual guidance for your journey. We can also connect you with a supportive network of fellow patients and caregivers through our Women’s Support Circle and Men’s Support Network.

Community programs

To empower local communities of faith to help support patients and families, our Spiritual Outreach Team provides Cancer Care Leadership Training for Pastors and Leaders through the Our Journey of Hope program. The team also provides speakers and workshops for faith communities in more than eight states in the region.

Schedule some time with us. We look forward to serving you.

For Pastoral Care services at CTCA in Philadelphia, call Rev. Wendell Scanterbury at 215-537-7138.

For community programs, contact Rev. Drew Angus at 877-896-3698, or email Rev. Angus at drew.angus@ctca-hope.com.

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