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One-Day Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion can help you decide the right cancer treatment for your needs. Many of us face time constraints, and fitting another appointment into your busy work or home life can be challenging.

At our Philadelphia hospital, we will make every effort to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation on a timeline that works for you. An initial evaluation typically takes three to five days. To better accommodate your schedule, our hospital may be able to offer a one-day second opinion consultation.

Many factors determine how long a second opinion evaluation takes. During the evaluation, a dedicated team of oncologists, nurses, dietitians and other cancer experts work with you to review your medical history, diagnostic tests and treatment status. We may also use additional state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to further evaluate the disease. Using all this information, we then develop your personalized, integrated treatment plan.

While a comprehensive evaluation typically takes a few days, our hospital may be able to provide a one-day second opinion consultation in certain circumstances. When you contact us for a second opinion, we will speak with you about your individual situation and needs. The option of a one-day second opinion will be based on your schedule, medical needs and our clinical team’s ability to provide a thorough evaluation in the designated time.
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