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The spiritual support team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Philadelphia has experience in providing support to patients of all faith backgrounds. As part of the care team available to each patient during the first visit to CTCA® in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pastors and clergy members are onsite to counsel and pray with anyone who chooses to participate. Prayer and meditation may offer positive ways to cope with negative feelings and fears and may offer patients a sense of peace and comfort before, during and after cancer treatment.

Attending worship services or group prayer at our Philadelphia hospital may provide patients a support system away from home. This community may share your values and life philosophy, and help you connect with others going through the same cancer journey. Spirituality may help you realize that you are not alone, and that turning to faith and community for support and comfort may prove an empowering experience. Whatever your cultural or religious background may be, our Pennsylvania-based spiritual support team offers an environment designed to strengthen, motivate and inspire you to use your faith in the fight against cancer.

Rev. Wendell Scanterbury, Director of Pastoral Care at our Philadelphia hospital, joined CTCA in 2007. He offers guidance and direction for the pastoral care team as well as spiritual support for patients, caregivers and clinicians. The team of pastors and clergy members at CTCA focuses on addressing how patients may be impacted by cancer, and how faith may help. The Rev. Scanterbury’s team also offers spiritual support and counsel for couples, caregivers and children whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. The team of spiritual support providers at our Philadelphia hospital is dedicated to the whole-patient care model that is central to the CTCA mission.

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