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Patients undergoing cancer treatments may experience various levels of pain because of the tumor itself, or treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Pain management focuses on reducing patients’ pain while improving their quality of life. Managing pain while undergoing cancer treatment may help patients focus on healing. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Philadelphia combines pain management techniques with medical treatments and integrative oncology services as part of the CTCA® whole-patient philosophy.

The pain management department at our Philadelphia hospital is staffed by dedicated pain management practitioners, anesthesiologists and nurses. The care team at CTCA meets on a daily basis to evaluate your pain management needs while offering a variety of options, because they understand that managing your pain may help improve your quality of life throughout the cancer journey. Our experienced pain management team cares for you throughout your treatment to help reduce your pain and help you find relief and comfort.

Pain may come in many forms. It may feel dull, achy or sharp, and it may occur frequently, chronically or sporadically. Its cause and severity depends on a number of factors, including the cancer type, stage, how much the cancer has spread and your pain tolerance level. At our hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our pain management practitioners work with other members of your care team on a regular basis to help you manage cancer-related side effects. Other supportive care therapies may be recommended in addition to pain management, including massage and physical therapy, nutritional support and mind-body medicine.

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