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Sramila Aithal, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
191 Ratings
Pamela Crilley, DO
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
95 Ratings
Shayma Master Kazmi, MD, RPh
Patient Rating
4.9 / 5
157 Ratings
Ankur Parikh, DO
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
107 Ratings
David L. Topolsky, MD
Patient Rating
4.8 / 5
73 Ratings

The hematologic oncology team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Philadelphia diagnoses and treats blood cancers. Our skilled hematologic oncologists are trained and experienced in blood-related disorders, including cancer. Their knowledge and training equips them with the skills to treat blood cancers and blood-related disorders, including leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, anemia, clotting disorders, hemophilia and sickle cell disease.

Led by Pamela Crilley, DO, Chair of Department of Medical Oncology at CTCA® and Chief of Medical Oncology, the hematologic oncologists at our Philadelphia hospital see a variety of patients with blood disorders and blood cancers. In July 2011, Dr. Crilley joined the team of cancer treatment experts at CTCA in Philadelphia. Board certified in medical oncology and internal medicine, Dr. Crilley has earned several prestigious awards in her career and has been a featured physician in Best Doctors in America (Best Doctors, Inc.). Dr. Crilley and the team of hematologic oncologists at CTCA provide compassionate care by listening to patients and working with them to recommend innovative, treatment plans.

Initially, our hematologic oncologists in Philadelphia meet with patients to discuss their general health backgrounds and collect medical records. These and other oncologists on the patient’s care team also conduct physical exams and run state-of-the-art diagnostic tests to make an informed diagnosis. Our trained clinicians then meet with patients to discuss the diagnosis and provide patients with a variety of treatment options. Hematologic cancers and blood disorders are complex, and they may require multiple treatment modalities. Our hematologic oncologists discuss potential treatment-related side effects and the supportive therapies available to manage them. Our nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists, naturopathic clinicians and other supportive care clinicians at CTCA in Philadelphia will work together with your hematologic oncologist to help manage side effects and support quality of life.

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