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Genetic counseling at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Philadelphia, is focused on the diagnostic and supportive aspects of determining a patient’s risk for a variety of inherited conditions, including cancer. Genetic counselors at our Philadelphia hospital consult with, educate and empower patients to make informed decisions about their genetic testing options. The genetic counselors at CTCA® in Philadelphia have years of experience working with cancer patients and their complex needs.

Genetic counselors at CTCA provide not only information, but emotional support to patients and families who may be at a higher risk for cancer. To prepare for the first appointment, genetic counselors will review medical records and pathology reports. They will then meet with patients to discuss their personal and family history of cancer. Genetic counselors may also prepare a family tree/pedigree to trace the family’s genetic characteristics, health problems and diseases. The pedigree may help establish patterns of cancer inheritance within a family. Depending on a variety of factors, our genetic counselors in Philadelphia may recommend genetic testing to determine your inherited cancer risk.

Melanie Corbman, MS, LCGC, a licensed, certified genetic counselor with CTCA in Philadelphia, is highly qualified to assess patients' risk of hereditary cancer and determines if genetic testing is recommended. If a patient chooses to complete genetic testing, she facilitates the testing and works with patients to interpret test results. When patients are empowered with accurate information, they may be better able to participate in making treatment and screening decisions.

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