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Chiropractic care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a field of medicine in which physicians manually apply controlled force to the spine and joints. This may prove beneficial for patients experiencing restricted movement or pain. The chiropractic care team at CTCA® in Philadelphia supports patients through non-invasive treatments, including spinal manipulation. Chiropractors may also use other techniques to restore alignment, including massage, stretching, electrical muscle stimulation, traction, heat and ice.

Our licensed chiropractic doctors at our Philadelphia hospital use a drug-free, hands-on approach to correct musculoskeletal problems and restore nerve function. Your chiropractor will assess your individual needs and work closely with your medical oncologist and other care team members. When patients are properly aligned and their pain is managed, they may be better able to focus on healing. The chiropractic team at CTCA uses a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to care. Patients are empowered with the knowledge and tools to make healthy lifestyle choices and be part of the treatment decision-making process.

Dr. Jeffrey Sklar, Medical Director of Chiropractor Services at CTCA in Philadelphia, believes in a personalized approach to treatment through non-invasive spinal manipulation. At our cancer center located near the East Coast, Dr. Sklar focuses on helping patients manage pain with the goal of reducing the need for pain medication. He joined the hospital in 2009 to use chiropractic care to help patients feel less stress and anxiety, while managing some of the common side effects of cancer treatment. Dr. Sklar and the other members of a patient’s care team work together to meet the individual needs of each patient. Together, they monitor patients from the beginning to the end of their treatment to gauge how well supportive therapies like chiropractic care are working.
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