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When patients complete cancer treatment and move into follow-up care, Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) offers ongoing care through our survivorship support program. The survivorship support team provides clinical and integrative oncology services, educational resources and strategies to help you manage your quality of life. Following treatment, the team works with you to help you maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Our survivorship support practitioners monitor your health and the chronic health issues that may have developed as a result of your cancer treatment. These clinicians also provide you with ongoing evaluations and track side effects you may experience post-treatment. The medical professionals working on the survivorship support team collaborate with the rest of your care team to develop a personalized plan designed to manage your side effects and help you get back to the activities you enjoy in life.

The survivorship support team members at CTCA® understand the complexities faced by patients after cancer treatment has been completed. The survivorship support team includes nurses, licensed social workers and certified mastectomy fitters. Patients are also supported by the doctors and clinicians in the Quality of Life department.

At our five hospitals across the United States, our doctors and clinicians believe that care continues even after cancer treatment has ended. The survivorship support team at CTCA is part of the larger care team focused on helping keep you strong and supporting your recovery from cancer treatments. At CTCA, our patient-centered model of care is designed to deliver comprehensive, personalized care—before, during and after treatment.