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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), patients have access to advanced treatments and technologies to fight cancer. But cancer is different from other diseases in many ways. Cancer and its treatments may harm the body, mind and spirit. Spiritual support is available at CTCA® to help patients and caregivers tap their faith to get through the journey. Whatever your cultural or religious background, our spiritual support team strives to create an environment to strengthen, motivate and inspire you to use your faith in the fight against cancer.

A spiritual support provider is available at each of our five hospitals across the United States. These practitioners offer support through spiritual practices, including faith, religion, a sense of purpose or beliefs about the meaning of life. Our pastors and clergy members are available to offer support during cancer treatment that may help improve your psychological outlook, emotional health and quality of life. Spirituality may help you realize you are not alone, and that you can turn to faith for help, support or comfort.

Our spiritual support providers work with patients to help guide them on their path through treatment  They are also available to answer questions patients may have about their faith and how it may help strengthen them in the journey ahead. Spiritual support providers are also available to visit patients before surgery to offer prayer and counsel. These services are available to caregivers and family members, too. Other CTCA clinicians, including physicians and nurses, may also pray with patients as part of the care they provide. As part of our evidence-based supportive care services, spiritual support is integrated into the CTCA health care experience with other therapies, including pain management and nutrition therapy.