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Reiki therapy is a non-invasive supportive therapy offered at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). Reiki therapy is a Japanese “healing art” form that may help promote relaxation and reduce stress and tension. Reiki therapy involves placing hands on or near the body. This gentle, hands-on practice may help reduce stress, reduce physical discomfort and increase feelings of well-being.

A Reiki therapist will place his or her hands over a patient’s body focusing on parts of the body requiring healing.  There is no physical contact or pressure on the patient’s body. The patient, who remains fully clothed, is often lying on a table, but therapies may also be performed while the client is seated or standing. Reiki therapy is a spiritual practice designed to relieve stress and reduce pain. Some patients who receive Reiki therapy may feel a deep relaxation and leave their session with a feeling of peace.

Reiki therapy is one of the supportive therapies offered through the Patient Empowered Care® approach at CTCA®. This model of care assigns each patient a care team led by a medical oncologist and coordinated by a case manager. Our Reiki therapists, working at all five CTCA hospitals across the United States, work closely with you and the rest of your care team to help manage side effects from cancer and its treatments. Throughout your treatment, the Reiki therapists and other care team members will monitor your side effects and modify your treatment plan when necessary. Your care team may also include a naturopathic medicine provider, a pain management specialist, an oncology rehabilitation therapist or a spiritual support provider. These team members regularly communicate with you and one another to provide you with comprehensive, integrative cancer care.