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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) is committed to addressing not just the cancer, but the whole patient. In addition to diagnosing and treating cancer, CTCA® also helps patients manage cancer-related side effects with evidence-based supportive therapies. Psychiatry focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of psychological and emotional challenges. Cancer patients experiencing a life-altering diagnosis may face anxiety, stress or other emotional distress. Our psychiatrists’ goal is to improve patients’ mental health and emotional well-being so they can spend their energies fighting their disease.

CTCA psychiatrists work exclusively with cancer patients, so they are trained and qualified to assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral issues common to the cancer experience. Patients may seek help from a psychiatrist for a variety of reasons, including anxiety disorders, panic attacks, substance abuse, depression or hopelessness. CTCA psychiatrists in or around Chicago, Phoenix, Tulsa, Atlanta and Philadelphia recognize that emotional struggles may impact a cancer patient’s health. By addressing these psychological issues early, psychiatrists may help patients reduce the risk of related complications and improve their quality of life.

The psychiatrists at CTCA are licensed doctors who work closely with our oncologists and the rest of a patient’s care team to provide individual, group or family therapy. These doctors may prescribe medications, when necessary. Group therapy may help patients improve their emotional well-being by sharing their experiences with others going through a similar journey. Psychiatry is just one of the supportive therapies offered at CTCA to help patients stay strong and focus on healing.