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The reconstructive surgery department is responsible for repairing, reconstructing or restoring physical defects involving various parts of the body. The reconstructive surgeons at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) have years of experience in restoring the body’s form and function to more normal levels. At CTCA®, reconstructive surgeons, also called plastic surgeons, may help improve patients’ appearance, reduce scarring or disfigurement or repair injured body parts that may have been damaged as a result of cancer and its treatment.

Cancer patients may have scars or defects that affect the way they feel about themselves. Our reconstructive surgeons are experienced and educated in performing surgical procedures on all areas of the body. Reconstructive surgeons are a vital part of the extended care team at CTCA, providing personalized, comprehensive care. Reconstructive surgery may help cancer patients regain their confidence, dignity and sense of self, especially after experiencing the impacts of breast, head and neck cancers. Our experienced reconstructive surgeons work exclusively in cancer care, so they are well-equipped to help address cancer patients’ needs. They understand the many challenges cancer patients may face and offer a wide spectrum of reconstructive surgery options.

For patients seeking reconstructive surgery, our surgeons will meet with them to discuss the surgical options that are appropriate, based on their individual needs and goals. At the beginning of the planning process, we work to help manage side effects from surgery. To help reduce symptoms and manage quality of life after surgery, we offer supportive care therapies, including mind-body medicine, nutrition therapy, oncology rehabilitation, naturopathic medicine and other services.