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Part of integrative oncology services, mind-body medicine is integral to whole-person care. Mind-body medicine recognizes the profound ways emotional, mental and social lives may affect a patient’s health. At Cancer Treatment Center of America® (CTCA), mind-body therapists offer support, therapeutic practices and techniques to help patients and their loved ones through their cancer journeys. Our mind-body therapists strive to empower patients to make positive, healthy choices by forming impactful, caring relationships and practicing stress-reducing interventions. Mind-body therapists at CTCA® work to improve patients’ mental health, social relationships and overall well-being.

Mind-body services are available to all CTCA patients and caregivers. They are voluntary services, meaning patients choose to participate in therapies most meaningful to them. Mind-body therapy includes services such as counseling, for individuals, couples and families. Relaxation and guided imagery techniques are also offered by our mind-body clinicians. Support groups allow CTCA patients and caregivers an opportunity to connect with others on similar paths. Another facet of mind-body medicine uses tools and strategies designed to build on patients’ everyday routines, help them reduce stress and promote a positive well-being.

Practices such as laughter therapy, music therapy and animal-assisted and pet therapy are offered by the mind-body team at CTCA. These programs offer patients a distraction from everyday stresses. The therapists in the mind-body medicine program at CTCA work closely with the patient’s entire medical team to support ongoing care decisions. Our clinicians also work to help patients connect with qualified practitioners in their area once they return home after treatment.

Our mind-body practitioners are knowledgeable and experienced, employing a wide variety of supportive therapies to help patients and their families combat the side effects of treatment and disease. CTCA clinicians are committed to personalized care for patients diagnosed with all types and stages of cancer. Throughout our network of hospitals, our mind-body experts work to proactively manage current and anticipated side effects from cancer treatment.

With CTCA hospitals located in or near Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa, Oklahoma, our clinicians provide treatment options for cancer patients from all over the United States and from many countries. Our mind-body experts work on a comprehensive team of skilled medical providers to meet the needs of the whole patient before, during and after cancer treatment. Our nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and naturopathic clinicians team up with our psychiatrists and other therapists to support healing and quality of life throughout the patient’s cancer journey.