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Medical physics applies the concepts and theories of physics to the delivery of health care, especially as they relate to the use of medical equipment. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), the medical physics department collaborates with our radiation oncologists to help design treatment plans and monitor equipment and procedures with the goal of safe delivery of radiation and developing improved imaging techniques.

A medical physicist is an individual who specializes in medical physics, or the application of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical physicists contribute to maintaining and improving the quality and safety of medical equipment. They are also involved in the selection, acceptance testing, commissioning and quality of medical devices like X-rays, ultrasounds, electromagnetic imaging devices and external radiation machines. Medical physicists at CTCA® are responsible for helping to protect patients and clinicians from unintended radiation exposure and for monitoring our hospitals for compliance with federal, state and local regulations and internal policies.

Working closely with your care team, medical physicists are responsible for the proper delivery of radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging based on your individual needs. They may coordinate with your radiation oncologist to determine the precise type, dose and placement of radiation, administer the radiation, and monitor the number and length of treatments.

Our five state-of-the-art cancer hospitals across the United States care for cancer patients using advanced treatments and technologies in a welcoming and comforting environment. Our hospitals were designed around the concept of whole-person cancer care, where patients receive all treatments, diagnostics and other procedures under one roof, led by an experienced team of doctors and clinicians.